Panti forest

Year of compilation: 2003

Site description
Panti Forest Reserve is located at the headwaters of Sungai Johor, Linggiu and Ulu Sedili in southern Johor State (Putz, 1978). The habitat is mainly lowland dipterocarp forest with hill forest located on two peaks of over 600 m, Gunung Muntahak (634 m) and Gunung Sumalayang (615 m). Montane ericaceous forest is found on the western summit of Gunung Panti (654 m), the highest point in the reserve. Montane ericaceous forest can be found on the summit of Gunung Panti Barat. Peat swamps can be found in the low˜lying areas and the rivers frequently overflow during the months of November to February. The reserve has been logged since the early 1970s but has since ceased. Primary habitats that remain are now confined to the foothills of the mountains. Despite its conditions, over 250 bird species have been recorded several Sunda endemics and globally threatened species (Lim, 1995).

Key biodiversity
Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Primary threats to Panti are sand quarrying and clearance of the reserve land for oil palm cultivation (Lim, 1995).

Protected areas
Panti was gazetted in 1929 as a Forest Reserve. The Panti VJR is listed as an IUCN Category Ia protected area.

Habitat and land use
Vegetation Type of Panti's flora include Calophyllum sp, Eugenia sp, Teysmania altifrons, Balanocarpus heimii, Shorea leprosula, S. pauciflora, Anisoptera laevis, Dipterocarpus cornutus and D. grandiflorus..

Recommended citation
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