Old Head of Kinsale

Country/territory: Ireland

IBA Criteria met: C7 (2000)
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Area: 15 ha

BirdWatch Ireland

Site description
A 5-km long headland situated on the south County Cork coast, approximately 5 km from Kinsale.

Key biodiversity
The site was designated as a Special Protection Area on the basis of its breeding seabirds. Old Head is a major seabird colony, the largest on the south coast apart from the Saltee Islands. Breeding seabirds recorded in nationally important numbers in 1987 include Uria aalge (4,500 birds), Alca torda (320 birds) and Rissa tridactyla (1,259 pairs). In addition, Falco peregrinus and Falco tinnunculus breed and there are cliff-nesting Delichon urbica. It is a moderately important breeding site for Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax and large non-breeding flocks (35-50 birds) have been seen.

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