Obedska bara

Country/territory: Serbia

IBA criteria met: B1b, B2a, B3a, C2, C6 (2019)
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Area: 48,265 ha

Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia

Site description (2019 baseline)
Obedska bara is positioned in the alluvial plane of the Sava river (46-95 river km) in southern Srem, Vojvodina Province. It is largest alluvial area in whole Serbia (around 12000 ha) and it represents an authentic mosaic of forest, meadows, swamp and pond habitats. More than 30 aquatic, forest and meadow plant communities were described. Along the borders of IBA more than 20 settlements are situated and two inside of IBA (Kupinovo and Obrež) which belongs to six municipalities (Surčin, Obrenovac, Vladimirci, Šabac, Ruma and Pećinci).

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BirdLife International (2024) Important Bird Area factsheet: Obedska bara. Downloaded from on 25/02/2024.