North and east coasts of Minorca and island of Aire This is an IBA in danger! 

Year of compilation: 2000

Site description
The site includes limestone, the Es Grao marshes and a coastal lagoon. The vegetation is mainly garrigue and maquis with Quercus ilex and Pinus halepensis forest.

Key biodiversity
This is an important area for seabirds and coastal raptors.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Threats include mass tourism, building, poisoning, particularly of Milvus milvus (`Other' threats, above), and the erection of new powerlines. A reduction in the rabbit Oryctolagus cunniculus population has reduced prey availability for raptors. Nine Larus cachinnans colonies are culled annually. The IBA overlaps with six Natural Areas of Special Interest.

Protected areas
National Partial International High1,947 ha of IBA covered by Natural Park (Albufera des Grau, 1,947 ha). 17,900 ha of IBA covered by Biosphere Reserve (Isla de Menorca Biosphere Reserve, 70,000 ha). 900 ha of IBA covered by Special Protection Area (Costa Norte de Menorca, 900 ha).

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