Country/territory: Mongolia

IBA Criteria met: A1, A3 (2009)
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Area: 378,097 ha

Site description
Nomrog lies at the edge of the steppe and the forest steppe zones, in the foothills of the Khyangan mountains in the extreme east of Mongolia. The site is composed of rocky mountains, mountain steppe, river valleys with willow trees, small lakes, grass steppe, and pine and birch forests. Here, the seamless grasslands of the eastern steppe merges with the Khyangan mountain range, which is clothed in deciduous woodland and pine forest characteristic of the Manchurian hills. There are numerous streams and rivers lined with willow, aspen and birch meandering along wide valleys. Habitats for birds are remarkably diverse and pristine. Threats to biodiversity are currently relatively minor, and there is very little conservation management at present. In general, Nomrog Strictly Protected Area is in the enviable position of requiring relatively little input to protect its habitats and species. Nevertheless it is necessary to implement some management activities, especially to address threats posed by poaching and fire.

Key biodiversity
Globally Threatened bird species occurring at the site comprise Swan Goose Anser cygnoides (EN), Saker Falcon Falco cherrug (EN), Great Bustard Otis tarda (VU) and White-naped Crane Grus vipio (VU). Nomrog is one of only a handful of sites in Mongolia to support Common Pheasant Phasianus colchicus. The site is also the only IBA in Mongolia to support an assemblage of bird species restricted to the North-East Asian temperate forest biome.

Non-bird biodiversity: Many nationally threatened mammals occur at the site, including Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra (NT), European Elk Alces alces, Brown Bear Ursus arctos, Wild Boar Sus scrofa, Siberian Roe Deer Capreolus pygargus, Red Deer Cervus elaphus, Grey Wolf Canis lupus, Red Fox Vulpes vulpes, Corsac Fox V. corsac and Siberian Marmot Marmota sibirica (EN). In addition, fish species, such as Taimen Hucho taimen and Amur Pike Esox reichertii, and many insects listed in the Red Data Book of Mongolia can be seen in great abundance.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Nomrog. Downloaded from on 12/08/2022.