Narva reservoir

Country/territory: Russia (European)

IBA criteria met: A4iii (2000)
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Area: 41,045 ha

Site description (baseline)
One of the important staging places for waterfowl during spring migration and also for breeding of ducks and gulls. Total number of ducks in th 1970th was up to 10000 nesting pairs (Noskov, Moskalev, 1997), but in the 1998-99 only up to 1000 pairs of ducks (A.plathyrhynchos, A.crecca, Aythya spp., B.clangula etc.) and up to 500-600 pair of gulls (L.canus, L.ridibundus, S.hirundo, Ch.nigra) were counted by I.V.Il'inski. There are also several rare bird species which are nesting here, but current number of most of them unknown.

Key biodiversity
An important breeding site for ducks (25,000_pairs). Recent count data are not available for any species.

The map polygon is provided courtesy of the Spatial Database on Important Bird Areas of Russia 2014 (© Russian Bird Conservation Union, © Transparent World).

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