Mbeliling - Tanjung Kerita Mese

Site description (2003 baseline):

Site location and context
Topography in this area dominated by steep slopes, 60% area located on altitude between 0-499 m, 35% on altitude 500-1000 m and 5% above of 1000 m. Wai Ndae River, flow pass through this area and emptied into Sawu Sea (Butchart, Gatur, Trainor & Lesmana 2000).

Key biodiversity
Butchart found Wallace's Hanging-parrot Loriculus flosculus on altitude between 450-980 m, in groups up to 20 birds. This area is one of the area in Flores where Wallace's Hanging-parrot Loriculus flosculus, Flores Monarch Monarcha sacerdotum, and Flores Crow Corvus florensisfound (Trainor & Lesmana 2000). On a whole this area is the richest area for restricted-range birds in Flores.

Non-bird biodiversity:

Habitat and land use
Tropical semi-evergreen forest on volcanic soil on altitude between 400-1100 m, tropical moist deciduous forest on altitude below 400 m.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Illegal hunting, burning grassland and land clearing for housing and plantation (MacKinnon, Gatur 2000, Trainor & Lesmana 2000).

Protected areas
Protection Forest (7240 ha) with total area 23420 ha (Gatur 2000, Trainor & Lesmana 2000).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Mbeliling - Tanjung Kerita Mese. Downloaded from on 09/12/2023.