Lake Hamanako, Enshunada

Country/territory: Japan

IBA Criteria met: A4i, A4iii (2004)
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Area: 7,800 ha

Wild Bird Society of Japan
Most recent IBA monitoring assessment
Year of assessment Threat score (pressure) Condition score (state) Action score (response)
2010 medium not assessed negligible
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Site description
Enshunada is seaside area that extends from Omaezaki of Shizuoka Prefecture to Iragomisaki of Aichi Prefecture into which the Tenryugawa river and Ohigawa river flow. Along the coast, monotonous sandy beaches with some dunes continue. Colonies of Little Tern and spawning grounds of loggerhead turtle are found on the beach. Hamanako is a brackish water lake. The area of the lake is 65 km2 and its circumference is 114 km. The lake has an average depth of 4.8 m and has four water areas, namely Hosoeko, Inohanako, Matsumigaura and Shonaiwan. As the lake is known to be a spawning ground of fish and the habitat of fry of many kinds, fishing is a very popular activity here. Lately, the regional development through tourism has been promoted and people enjoying fishing, marine sports and shellfish gathering utilize the area.

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