Country/territory: Indonesia

IBA Criteria met: A1, A3 (2001)
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Area: 306,000 ha

Burung Indonesia

Site description
This area is the most famous National Park in Kalimantan.This area is under very serious threat from development activities which are happen on the boundary of the National Park, such as logging, coal mining and land clearence by local people, and forest fire.Some area are still in good condition, and it is the main site for Friends of Kutai, a group of companies around the site, mainly Kaltim Prima Coal.Forest fire during dry season in 1980s and 1990s, and the hardest in 1997/1998 destroyed most of the National Park area.

Key biodiversity
This site has important values for Great-billed Heron Ardea sumatrana and Lesser Adjutant Leptoptilus javanicus, also for migratory waterbirds.

Non-bird biodiversity: Nasalis larvatus, Presbytis frontata, Presbytis hosei, Presbyitis rubicunda, Pongo pygmeus, Hylobathes muelleri, Neofelis nebulosa, Helarctos malayanus, Chiropodomys muroides, Haeromys margarettae, Haeromys pusillus, Sundasciurus brookei, Crocodylus porosus, Tomistoma schlegelii (Scott 1989, Colijn 2000).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Kutai. Downloaded from on 20/01/2022.