Krivoklatsko (Krivoklatsko region)

Site description (2002 baseline):

Site location and context
A large area of varied topography situated c.30 km west of Prague. Its axis is the Berounka river, with its deeply carved valleys and canyons. Coniferous tree species dominate the forests, along with Fagus and Quercus. Valuable non-forest habitats include dry grasslands, ecotonal shrub and herb communities, and communities of exposed rocks and screes. In the Biosphere Reserve core zone, human activities are limited to the monitoring of ecosystem change.

Key biodiversity
The IBA is particularly important for species of broadleaved forest, especially raptors. More than 120 breeding species have been recorded over the last decade.

Conservation responses/actions for key biodiversity
Conservation initiatives include mapping the distribution of selected species, and research into Ciconia nigra and Milvus milvus. The Institute of Botany at the Czech A management plan exists for the area.

Protected areas
National High International High62,792 ha of IBA covered by Protected Landscape Area (Krivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area, 62,792 ha). Included within the PLA are 4 National Nature Reserves (covering 775 ha), 15 Nature Reserves and 5 Natural Monuments. 62,792 ha of IBA covered by Biosphere Reserve (Krivoklatsko Biosphere Reserve, 62,792 ha). 31932 ha of IBA are covered by Krivoklatsko SPA.

Recommended citation
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