Kiritappu marsh, Biwase bay

IBA Justification

Year of most recent IBA criteria assessment: 2004

Populations of IBA trigger species
Species Current IUCN Red List Category Season Year(s) of estimate Population at site IBA criteria triggered
Red-crowned Crane Grus japonensis VU breeding 2003 present A1, A3
Latham's Snipe Gallinago hardwickii NT breeding 2003 present A3
Steller's Sea-eagle Haliaeetus pelagicus VU winter 2003 present A1
Middendorff's Grasshopper-warbler Helopsaltes ochotensis LC breeding 2003 present A3
Yellow-breasted Bunting Emberiza aureola CR breeding 2003 present A3

Note: The current IUCN Red List category may differ from the category that was valid at the time of IBA criteria assessment.

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IBA Conservation

IBA conservation status - summary
Year of assessment (most recent) Threat (pressure) Condition (state) Action (response)
2015 medium near favourable low
Was the whole site assessed? yes Condition (state) assessed by habitat
Accuracy of information -

Threats to the site (pressure)
Threat level 1 Threat level 2 Timing Scope Severity Result
Geological events earthquakes/tsunamis likely in long term (beyond 4 years) whole area/population (>90%) slow but significant deterioration medium
Invasive and other problematic species and genes invasive non-native/alien species/diseases - named species happening now small area/few individuals (<10%) slow but significant deterioration low
Transportation and service corridors roads and railroads likely in long term (beyond 4 years) some of area/population (10-49%) slow but significant deterioration medium

Condition of the site (state), by habitat
Habitat Habitat detail Reference area (ha) Actual area (ha) Habitat quantity (% remaining) Habitat quality (carrying capacity) Result
Wetlands (inland) 0 0 good (> 90%) moderate (70-90%) near favourable

Conservation actions taken at the site (response)
Protected-area designation Management planning Other conservation action Result
Whole area of site (>90%) covered by appropriate conservation designation No management planning has taken place Substantive conservation measures are being implemented but these are not comprehensive and are limited by resources and capacity low
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IBA Protection

Protected area (PA) PA designation PA area (ha) Relationship of PA with IBA Overlap of PA with IBA (ha)
Kushiro tobu 沿岸水産資源開発区域 113,325 protected area overlaps with site 0
Kiritappu-shitsugen Ramsar Site, Wetland of International Importance 2,504 protected area contained by site 2,504
Kiritappu Marsh Reserve 2,905 protected area contained by site 2,905
Common fishery right area(Hokkaido) 共同漁業権区域 4,863,624 protected area overlaps with site 0
Akkeshi-Bekanbeushi-Kiritappu 国指定鳥獣保護区 13,064 protected area overlaps with site 0
Akkeshi 都道府県立自然公園 21,523 protected area overlaps with site 0


IUCN Habitat Habitat detail Extent (% of site)
Wetlands (inland) Rivers and streams, Raised and blanket bogs, Freshwater lakes and pools, Permanent swamps -
Marine Coastal/Supratidal -
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