Kazakhstan portion of the river Volga's Delta - Zhambay

Country/territory: Kazakhstan

IBA criteria met: A1, A4i, A4iii (2003)
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Area: 248,480 ha

Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan
IBA conservation status
Year of assessment (most recent) Threat (pressure) Condition (state) Action (response)
2013 not assessed very unfavourable negligible
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Site description (baseline)
The site consists of areas of inundated flatland with prolific reed growth. The mosaic of waterbodies (pools, large areas of open water, channels etc.) and reedbeds is typical for any large freshwater estuary. Several canals run seawards and are interspersed, in their turn, by channel-like connections. Terrestrial sections of the shore support stands of flood-forest consisting mainly of elms, prickly olives (oleasters) and poplars.

Key biodiversity
In this part of the Volga delta more than 250 bird species may be encountered. The overall number of migrating waterfowl significantly exceeds the 20,000 individuals criterion but precise supporting data is scarce. Several rare or threatened species occur.

Non-bird biodiversity: Common species include Sus scrofa, Phoca caspica, Ondatra zibethica, Felis chaus and others.

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