Karavasta Lagoon This is an IBA in Danger! 

Country/territory: Albania

IBA criteria met: A1, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2 (2000)
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Area: 22,230 ha

Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania
IBA conservation status
Year of assessment (most recent) State (condition) Pressure (threat) Response (action)
2017 near favourable very high high
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Site summary
Divjaka-Karavasta National Park is the largest offshore wetland site of Albania. The overall complex, composed by five lagoons (c. 6,408 ha), sand dunes and a river mouth, has a surface of 22230 ha. 

The wetland complex of Divjaka-Karavasta or the National Park of Divjaka-Karavasta is a designated Ramsar Site , an Important Bird and Plant Area, an Emerald Site and finally a Natura 2000 Pilot Site.
All the above designations are based on its outstanding biodiversity values and particularly its crucial importance for migrating, wintering and nesting birds. 

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2024) Important Bird Area factsheet: Karavasta Lagoon. Downloaded from on 27/02/2024.