Karasor Lake

Year of compilation: 2004

Site description
Karasor Lake is situated in the SW part of Karkaralinsky district, 140 km to the east of Karaganda city, 45 km to the north of Karkaralinsk town, and 4 km from Koyandy village. The lake is the largest in the Karasor basin (Saumalkol, Katynkol, Balyktykol etc.). The lake is in lowest part of the depression. Its area is 15,500 hectares, length - 43.5 km, maximum width - 7.3 km (minimum 1.4 km), maximum depth - 2.5 m (average - 1.1 m). The surrounding landscape is hilly steppe.

Key biodiversity
About 5,000 Shelduck concentrate here to moult, and more than 20,000 waterfowl are observed on passage. In total, 68 species of waterfowl, waders, gulls were recorded in 2002-2003. The most common were Podiceps cristatus, Anser anser, Tadorna tadorna, Anas strepera, Anas platyrhynchos, Anas acuta, Anas clypeata, Aythya ferina, Aythya fuligula, Fulica atra, Charadrius dubius, Calidris minuta, Calidris alpina, Gallinago gallinago, Palaropus lobatus, Larus ridibundus, Larus cachinnans, Chlidonias niger, Chlidonias leucopterus.

Habitat and land use
In the lake, there is a great supply of dark mud used for medicine and extracted for sale.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2021) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Karasor Lake. Downloaded from on 17/01/2021.