Jebel Al-Ras - Wadi Al-Makhrour

Site description (1999 baseline):

Site location and context
It a natural and agricultural region, it is located in the western part of Bethlehem city, the lands of Beit Jala, Battir and Krimzan monastery. It consists of several regions, which are the natural and agricultural regions; it also consists of some springs and the fresh water, in addition to the thick forests. It is considered as one of the remaining regions in Bethlehem district, which has a great importance in the existence of some natural trees that were found in Palestine since tens of years ago. There is a natural way in this area, at which the inhabitants use in spring to stroll in the region for comfort and enjoying by this fascinating nature.

Key biodiversity
There are tens of birds pass by this region during spring and autumn, and the bird that are registered are: Honey Buzzerd, Black- eared Wheatear, Palestine Sunbird, and Sand Partrige. The Golden Eagle was a resident in this area.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
The Israeli authorities confiscate the natural regions and build residential regions on the natural regions or they construct roads around the residential region, which destruct the habitat of the wildlife. The sewage water that comes from Gelo settlement, which locate in the southern northern part of this site, cover some of natural and agricultural regions and this affects the nature of this region and its continents. There is a garbage dump in the middle of this region, people through garbage without using the right ways of getting ride of their garbage so they through it in the nature.

Conservation responses/actions for key biodiversity
Finding the right ways to get ride of the garbage like recycling. Refining and purification of water by using the right environmental ways to safe the region and in order not to affect on the nature of this region. The Palestinian authority should use the pressure on the Israeli authorities in order not to stop them of destroying the nature of this region. Cooperation and Coordination with inhabitants to raise the level of environmental awareness on several sides.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2024) Important Bird Area factsheet: Jebel Al-Ras - Wadi Al-Makhrour. Downloaded from on 21/02/2024.