Jabal Moussa Mountain

Site description (2010 baseline):

Site location and context
Jabal Moussa is situated on the western side of the Mount Lebanon range of mountains on the western side of Lebanon. The site is a mountain which extends westwards from the main Mount Lebanon chain along the southern edge of the Nahr Ibrahim (Adonis River), just to the west of Jabal Aalmat on the opposite side of the river.

Key biodiversity
This site is most important for soaring migratory birds, with extrapolated numbers exceeding the 20 000 threshold. White Storks are the most common in spring while birds of prey dominate autumn passage. Breeding birds locally include many of the common species which would be expected in this kind of habitat such as Chukar, Black Redstart, Rock Nuthatch, Great Tit and Eurasian Jay. The presence of 2 Blue Tits in all four seasons indicates that this species is a resident breeder here, which makes Jabal Moussa one of the most southerly sites for the species in Lebanon.

Habitat and land use
Broad-leaved woodland covers much of the mountain but there are large areas of more open scrubby habitat and also bare rocky slopes. On the lower slopes, particularly on the north side, above the river, there are terraces with arable agriculture and orchards

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Much of the mountain is now protected by a local NGO (The Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa)—hunting, tree felling and quarrying are banned therefore. However, there is evidence of overgrazing/browsing, deliberate persecution of birds, hunting,quarries, tree felling and occasional wood cutting for charcoal production around the periphery of the protected area.

Recommended citation
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