Horsens Fjord, Svanegrunden & Endelave This is an IBA in Danger! 

Site description (2000 baseline):

Site location and context
An extensive shallow sea area with three large islands (Alvrø, Hjarnø and Endelave), supporting coastal saltmarshes, lagoons, cultivated land and scattered habitation. Several smaller uninhabited islets as well as intertidal areas are included within the IBA.

Key biodiversity
The site holds a large breeding colony of Phalacrocorax carbo and high numbers of wintering Aythya marila and Somateria mollissima. Breeding data are incomplete since numbers were not available for Alrø, Søby Rev and Svanegrunden islands. Several species listed on Annex I of the EC Birds Directive breed at the site, including Circus aeruginosus, Recurvirostra avosetta, Sterna sandvicensis, S. paradisaea and S. albifrons.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Access is prohibited to some areas and in several parts of the IBA hunting is forbidden.

Protected areas
National Low International High42,880 ha of IBA covered by Ramsar Site (Horsens Fjord and Endelave, 43,200 ha). 42,880 ha of IBA covered by Special Protection Area (Horsens Fjord and Endelave, 42,880 ha).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Horsens Fjord, Svanegrunden & Endelave. Downloaded from on 25/09/2023.