Hat Nopharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi

Country/territory: Thailand

IBA Criteria met: A1, A4ii (2004)
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Area: 38,790 ha

Protection status:

Bird Conservation Society of Thailand

Site description
The IBA comprises Hat Nooparat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, which is situated off the west coast of peninsular Thailand. The majority of the site consists of a 32,600 ha marine component, although it also includes the Ko Phi Phi archipelago and the rocky mainland coast around Krabi town. The islands of the Ko Phi Phi archipelago comprise limestone extrusions with tall cliffs, fringed by sandy beaches and surrounded by coral reefs. Small areas of primary forest remain on the steeper, less accessible island slopes. There is a significant human population within the national park.

Key biodiversity
Hat Nooparat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park is a very important non-breeding site for the globally critical Christmas Island Frigatebird Fregata andrewsi, which is not known to regularly occur in significant numbers at any other site in the country. The site regularly supports significant numbers of a number of other seabird species, including Lesser Frigatebird F. ariel, Common Tern Sterna hirundo, Black-naped Tern S. sumatrana and Bridled Tern S. anaethetus. In addition, the globally vulnerable Pale-capped Pigeon Columba punicea occurs at the site, as does the globally near-threatened Nicobar Pigeon Caloenas nicobarica. Furthermore, the site supports an important breeding population of the nationally threatened Pied Imperial Pigeon Ducula bicolor.

Non-bird biodiversity: Fish Freshwater Sawfish Pristis microdon (CR) Plants Shorea roxburghii (EN) Aglaia chittagonga (VU)

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2019) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Hat Nopharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi. Downloaded from on 17/10/2019.