Hanma Nature Reserve

Country/territory: China (mainland)

IBA Criteria met: A1, A3 (2009)
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Area: 107,348 ha

Site description
Located in Hulun Buir League, 100 km from Genhe Town. This IBA is on the main ridge of the Da Hinggan Ling mountains, and it includes more than 10 tributories of the Taliya He river. The main vegetation type is northern temperate coniferous forest.

Key biodiversity

Non-bird biodiversity: Nationally protected animals include Gulo gulo, Ursus arctos, Martes zibellina, Felis lynx, Alces alces, Cervus elaphus and Lepus timidus. Important plants include Triosteum himalayanum.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Hanma Nature Reserve. Downloaded from on 26/09/2022.