Grand Etang

Country/territory: Grenada

IBA criteria met: A2 (2007)
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Area: 1,730 ha

Site description (2008 baseline)
Grand Etang Forest Reserve is within the Southern Mountains of central Grenada. It encompasses mountains such as Mount Sinai (701 m), Mount Grandby (682 m) and Mount Qua Qua (735 m), and several crater lakes including the Grand Etang Lake near the centre of the reserve (at 530 m). Rainforests,lower montane rainforests and elfin woodlands characterise the steeper slopes throughout the high region. At lower altitudes, the trees are smaller and more thickly covered by epiphytes (ferns and mosses). Six plantations of exotics have been established on steep slopes since 1957.

Key biodiversity
Six (of the seven) Lesser Antilles EBA restricted-range birds occur at this IBA, and others may occur. Little survey or census work has been carried out. However, the site represents a major portion of Grenada’s remaining high altitude forests that are so important for the restricted-range birds, and may yet prove to support populations of Purple-throated Carib Eulampis jugularis, Scaly-breasted Thrasher Margarops fuscus,Antillean Euphonia Euphonia musica , and Brown Trembler Cinclocerthia ruficauda (all of which were historically known to occur, but have not recently been recorded).

Non-bird biodiversity: Eleutherodactylus euphronides is Endangered and confined to just 16 km2 of Grenadian montane forest at elevations >300 m, including within this Forest Reserve. Anolis aeneus and A.richardii occur at this site along with other reptile and amphibian Grenada Bank endemics. Endemic plants include Grand Etang Fern Danaea sp., the Cabbage Palm Oxeodoxa oleracea, Maythenus grenadensis, hytidophyllum caribaeum,and Lonchcarpus broadwayi. The Mona monkey Cercopithecus mona, introduced from West Africa, is found in the upper montane forest of this IBA.

Author: Bonnie Rusk

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BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Grand Etang. Downloaded from on 10/12/2023.