Garselli-Zigerberg, Alpengebiet

Country/territory: Liechtenstein

IBA Criteria met: B3 (2000)
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Area: 950 ha

Botanish-Zoologische Gesellschaft

Site description
A mountainous area supporting natural forests and alpine pastures. Human activities include stock-grazing and other forms of agriculture.

Key biodiversity
Important for breeding Serinus citrinella and forest species such as Dryocopus martius, Dendrocopos leucotos and Picoides tridactylus. Upland species are also present, with Bonasa bonasia, Tetrao tetrix, Tetrao urogallus and Turdus torquatus breeding.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Garselli-Zigerberg, Alpengebiet. Downloaded from on 28/03/2023.