Year of compilation: 2003

Site description
Gunung Gamkanora on Halmahera Island is an active volcano, with the highest point of 1640 m. Eastern part of Gunung Gamkanora is more flat and forms Akelamo valley. The valley is very fertile and used as transmigration area.The area is the main producer of spices (clove and nutmeg) and this area also produces coconut, cacao and coffee.

Key biodiversity
There are 19 restricted-range birds species in this area, including the threatened Chattering Lory Lorius garrulus.

Non-bird biodiversity: EDndemic fauna of Halmahera Island Phalanger sp halmaherae. Other important fauna is Phalanger ornatus (Hitipew & Tuhumury 1999, obs.pri.).

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Encroachment, firewood collection and volcanic eruption.

Protected areas
Land status is Protection Forest anand this area is proposed as Wildlife Sanctuary (MacKinnon & Artha 1981). This area is an important watercatchment area for east part of Akelamo valley (fertile area).

Habitat and land use
Evergreen rainforest covering lowland area (Monk 1997). This area also has one type of wetland; crater lake in the caldera of Gunung Gamkanora (Silvius 1986).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Gamkonora. Downloaded from on 05/10/2022.