Desembocadura del Río Lluta

IBA Criteria

Year of most recent IBA criteria assessment: 2010

Populations of IBA trigger species
Species Current IUCN Red List Category Season Year(s) of estimate Population estimate IBA Criteria Triggered
Chilean Woodstar Eulidia yarrellii CR resident 2007 2 individuals A1
Peruvian Pelican Pelecanus thagus NT resident 2007 20-700 individuals A1
Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus LC winter 2007 1,216 individuals A4i
Sanderling Calidris alba LC winter 2009 2,700 individuals A4i
Grey Gull Larus modestus LC resident 2007 800-10,000 individuals A4i
Franklin's Gull Larus pipixcan LC non-breeding 2007 30,000 individuals A4i
Belcher's Gull Larus belcheri LC resident 2007 120-1,500 individuals A4i
Inca Tern Larosterna inca NT resident 2007 210 individuals A1
Elegant Tern Thalasseus elegans NT non-breeding 2007 3,000 individuals A1, A4i
Tamarugo Conebill Conirostrum tamarugense LC resident 2007 35 individuals A1
A4iii Species group - waterbirds n/a non-breeding 2007 20,000-49,999 individuals A4iii

Note: This table presents the IBA criteria triggered and the species that triggered then at the time of assessment, the current IUCN Red List category may vary from that which was in place at that time.

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IBA Monitoring

Most recent IBA monitoring assessment
Year of assessment Threat score (pressure) Condition score (state) Action score (response)
2015 high very unfavourable high
Was the whole site covered? Yes State assessed by Habitat
Accuracy of information medium

Threats to the site (pressure)
Threat Level 1 Threat Level 2 Timing Scope Severity Result
Agricultural expansion and intensification annual & perennial non-timber crops - small-holder farming happening now some of area/population (10-49%) very rapid to severe deterioration high
Climate change and severe weather habitat shifting and alteration likely in short term (within 4 years) whole area/population (>90%) slow but significant deterioration high

Condition of habitat (state)
Habitat Habitat Detail Reference Area (ha) Actual Area (ha) % of habitat remaining % of carrying capacity (overall) Result
Marine Coastal/Supratidal 312 208 - moderate (70-90%) unfavourable

Conservation actions taken at site (response)
Conservation Designation Management Planning Conservation Action Result
Whole area of site (>90%) covered by appropriate conservation designation A comprehensive and appropriate management plan exists that aims to maintain or improve the populations of qualifying bird species The conservation measures needed for the site are being comprehensively and effectively implemented high
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IBA Protection

Protection status:

Protected Area Designation Area (ha) Relationship with IBA Overlap with IBA (ha)
Humedal de la Desembocadura del Río Lluta Santuario de la Naturaleza 31 protected area contained by site 0


IUCN Habitat Habitat detail Extent (% of site)
Marine Neritic -
Marine Coastal/Supratidal -
Marine Intertidal -
Shrubland -
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