Confluence of the Morava (March) and Dyje (Thaya) rivers - Tvrdonicko

Year of compilation: 2002

Site description
The IBA includes the confluence of the Morava (March) and Dyje (Thaya) rivers south of Lanhot. It is a complex of woods of various age, woodland clearings, and meadows with solitary oaks crossed by a network of canals, oxbows, streams, and swamps. The most common wood species of the drier areas are the Pedunculate Oak, the Narrow-leaved Ash, and the European White Elm. At waterlogged areas the White Willow and poplars prevail. Spring floods are a typical phenomenon of this area. The whole area serves as a deer park where red and fallow deer are bred.

Key biodiversity
TIt is one of the most important ornithological sites in the whole country. The area is an impotrant breeding and wintering site as well as migration stopover - 240 bird species have been recorded there. It is the Czech republic's only breeding site of the Imperial Eagle.

Protected areas
National Low International High56.1% of IBA covered by Ramsar Site (Wetlands of the Lower Dyje River, 11,500 ha). Included within the IBA are 2 National Nature Reserves and 2 Nature Reserve(covering 74,52 ha). SPA Soutok-Tvdonicko was deigned (9576,1 ha).

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