Cefa fish-ponds and Radvani wood

Country/territory: Romania

IBA criteria met: C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 (2007)
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Area: 18,505 ha

Romanian Ornithological Society

Site description (baseline)
The site consists of a fish-pond complex in an area of old marsh, fed by the Crisul Negru river and surrounded by the Corhana canal. Reedbeds (Phragmites) grow along the dykes and edges of the fish-ponds. The site also includes agricultural fields, grasslands and hay meadows and to the south the Rãdvani forest which is dominated by Quercus and Ulmus.

Key biodiversity
This is a very important site for breeding and passage waterbirds. The site holds 20,000 or more waterbirds on passage on a regular basis (includes 7,000 Anser albifrons, 2,500 Anas crecca, 1,160 Anas platyrhynchos, 2,000 Calidris alpina). Rãdvani wood holds a heronry. Species of global conservation concern that do not meet IBA criteria: Phalacrocorax pygmeus (passage), Branta ruficollis (wintering) and Haliaeetus albicilla (wintering).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Cefa fish-ponds and Radvani wood. Downloaded from on 30/05/2023.