Year of compilation: 2008

Site description
This large IBA includes portions of several pastoral stations between Coober Pedy and Roxby Downs in central South Australia. The IBA as currently mapped measures approximately 110 km by 150 km and includes land on the following stations: Ingomar, McDouall Peak, Mount Eba, Bulgunnia, Wilgena, North Well, Bon Bon, Mount Vivian and Coondambo. The area is defined as including a series of sites where Chestnut-breasted Whitefaces have been found, both historically and in recent surveys. This south-western area of the species' distribution contains a relatively high density and possibly more individuals of this species than in the remainder of its total range. The IBA as currently mapped includes many areas for which no bird surveys have been undertaken (a consequence of the IBA being located on private land in a remote region of Australia). These unsurveyed areas are known to contain a mixture of suitable and unsuitable habitat. Future surveys in these areas may provide justification for amending the boundary of the IBA to exclude sites found to be of negligible value to key species, potentially resulting in a significant reduction in the size of the IBA. The habitat is mainly low chenopod shrublands on sheep-grazed pastoral leases.

Key biodiversity
The Atlas of Australian Birds database contains single records of the biome-restricted Banded Whiteface, Black Honeyeater and Gibberbird between 1998 and 2008 (Atlas of Australian Birds database). The endangered Plains-wanderer has been reported from Bon Bon Station but numbers are likely to be very low (D. Baker-Gabb in litt. 2008).

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Develop a fire management strategy to sustain habitat refuges for key species and to limit the potential for large intense wildfires. Investigate the impact of different grazing regimes by domestic, native and introduced herbivores, on key habitats and birds. Avoid or otherwise minimise the impact of mining and associated infrastructure on key habitats.

Protected areas

Land ownership
Pastoral properties: Ingomar, McDouall Peak (includes Twins and Bolta Boltana), Mount Eba, Bulgunnia, Wilgenia, North Well, Bon Bon, Mount Vivian and Coondambo. OZ Minerals operate a copper-gold mine at Prominent Hill. Bon Bon (216,810 ha) is managed by Bush Heritage Australia.

Site access / Land-owner requests
Access to pastoral properties or mining areas off the Stuart Highway and unsealed Glendambo to Tarcoola road must be by arrangement with respective land managers.

Lynn Pedler (South Australian Ornithological Association) wrote the nomination. Andrew Black shared his recent observations. Keith Bellchambers provided comments on the nomination.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Bulgunnia. Downloaded from http://www.birdlife.org on 08/08/2022.