Borecka forest

Year of compilation: 2000

Site description
A forest complex, with most stands being broadleaved or mixed. The terrain is varied and is drained by small rivers, mainly of the E³k catchment (a tributary of the Biebrza) with only a small part drained by the Go³dap (part of the Wielkie Jeziora Mazurskie catchment). There are many water-bodies and a few larger lakes, with a lake complex in the south-eastern part of the site, where the largest lake is £aŸno. Hollows are occupied by wet forest or open swamps. There are large areas of spruce Picea forest and, on drier ground, of lime Tilia and hornbeam Carpinus. Fragments of remnant natural forest are over 150 years old in some places. Many meadows are scattered within the forest, some of them very wet.

Key biodiversity
A total of 130 species have been recorded breeding or probably breeding. Breeding species of global conservation concern that do not meet IBA criteria: Haliaeetus albicilla (two pairs), Crex crex (rare).

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Tourism/recreation causes disturbance to birds. Intensive tree-felling, and drainage, are also threats.

Protected areas
National Low International None232 ha of IBA covered by Nature Reserve (Borki, 232 ha). 49 ha of IBA covered by Nature Reserve (Lipowy Jar, 49 ha). 373 ha of IBA covered by Nature Reserve (Mazury, 373 ha). 3 ha of IBA covered by Nature Reserve (Wyspa Lipowa na Jeziorze Wielki Szwa³k, 3 ha).

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