Borana-Saynt (Denkoro Forest)

Country/territory: Ethiopia

IBA Criteria met: A3 (1996)
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Area: 8,000 ha

Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society

Site description
Denkoro forest is in Debresina District of South Wollo Zone. It is 30 km from the District town, Mekane Selam, and 215 km from Dessie. Denkoro is a forest remnant on the eastern side of Denkoro river gorge. The forested area lies between 2,400 and 3,000 m. The lowest part is dominated by Podocarpus falcatus, with Juniperus procera, Olea europaea cuspidata and Olinia rochetiana coming in as the altitude increases. Above this, Rapanea and Dombeya begin to dominate along with Hagenia abyssinica. Erica arborea and Hypericum revolutum are present midway up through the forest, and gradually dominate near the top. At around 3,000 m, the forest is a pure stand of Erica, gradually changing to Festuca-dominated Afro-alpine grassland with some scattered giant Lobelia, Kniphofia sp. and also some scattered shrubby Erica arborea.

Key biodiversity
See Box and Table 3 for key species. During a three-day survey of a small portion of this forest, 77 species were recorded, among which were many Afrotropical Highlands biome species. Species of particular interest include Gypaetus barbatus, Gyps rueppellii, Stephanoaetus coronatus, Columba larvata and Apaloderma narina.

Non-bird biodiversity: The area supports populations of many mammal species including Canis simensis (CR), Theropithecus gelada (LR/nt), Papio hamadryas (LR/nt) and the endemic Tragelaphus scriptus meneliki.

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