Bihar Plain

Country/territory: Hungary

IBA criteria met: C1, C2, C6 (2002)
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Area: 50,887 ha

Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society

Site description (2000 baseline)
A poorly-drained flood-plain situated between alluvial fans, and overlain by meadow and saline soils. The site is made up of four subsites: Nagy-Kerek-tiszta at Püspökladány, Gatály at Szerep, ásvány at Bihardancsháza, and the largest site, which lies between Váncsod and Csökmõ. The area is dominated by saline grasslands, which form a mosaic with extensive arable lands. Human activities include cattle- and sheep-grazing, goose and arable farming.

Key biodiversity
An important area for birds of lowland dry grassland. The site is part of a wider network of grassland fragments and includes areas that hold important local populations of Otis tarda. Species of global conservation concern that do not meet IBA criteria: Haliaeetus albicilla (8 wintering birds), Aquila heliaca (1-5 birds on passage).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Bihar Plain. Downloaded from on 30/11/2023.