Country/territory: Taiwan, China

IBA Criteria met: A1, A4i (2001)
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Area: 3,188 ha

Site description
Extent of this site: North from the Jishui River; south to the Jiangjun River; the eastern border is Provincial Highway 17, and the western border is the western edge of the sand flats of Wangyie Harbor. Beimen is about 30 km north of Tainan City and is a coastal wetland. The terrestrial landscape of this area consists mainly of salt fields as well as aquaculture ponds, scattered among which are several fishing villages. Within the west side of this area and the sand flats of the Wangyie Harbor is a lagoon where the fisheries are abundant. In the northeastern portion of the lagoon, there’s a mud swamp with an area of about 50 ha where the largest pure stand of Black Mangrove in Taiwan is situated. However, due to the human activities, currently there are only about 10 ha of the Black Mangrove forest and there’s need of urgent action to conserve this area.

Key biodiversity
IBA A1 criterion species: Saunders’s Gull, Black-faced Spoonbill Eash year Saunders’s Gull winter here; Time 1997 Nov. 1998 Jan. 1999 Jan. 2000 Dec. 2001 Mar. No. of SG 73 39 120 15 40 • Black-faced Spoonbills: maximum number of 9 birds (2001.1.13). IBA A4i criterion species: Great Cormorants roost here from November to March each year, with a maximum of 292 birds (21 February 1998). • At this site, 121 species have been recorded. • Black-winged Stilts can be seen throughout the year. They breed here in summer with a maximum of 377 birds (21 February 1998). • Great Egrets roost at Beimen from September to March, with a maximum of 292 birds (21 February 1998). • From September to May, Dunlins are winter migrants, with a maximum of 6,740 birds (20 December 1997). • The Whiskered Tern can be seen throughout the year, but mainly as a winter migrant, with a maximum of 2,001 birds (11 April 1998).

Non-bird biodiversity: • This is one of the major oyster cultivation areas in Taiwan. • This was once the northernmost distribution of the mangrove Lumnitzera Lumnitzera racemosa and it is highly regrettable that it has been eradicated here. • Investigations reveal that there are 7 species of fiddler crabs, including the endemic Uca formosensis.

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