Bakhuys mountains

Country/territory: Suriname

IBA criteria met: A1, A3 (2008)
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Area: 561,327 ha

Site description (2008 baseline)
The Bakhuys gebergte (mountains) is situated north-west of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. There are many bauxite hills, varying in height from 300 to 946 m. The water from this area streams to the Coppename river in the east, the Kabalebo river in the west. The Nickerie river has here it's origin. The hills and valleys are covered with pristine forest, forest on terra firma and swamp forest. On some places there is liana forest. The area is known for its natural resources. Most important are bauxite and diamonds. The Biodiversity is very high.

Key biodiversity
There are three near-threatened species breeding in Bakhuys gebergte, Morphnus guianensis Crested Eagle, Harpia harpyja Harpy Eagle and Amazona dufresniana Blue-cheeked Parrot. The total number of bird species found in Bakhuys is 378. There are 40 Biome restricted species. Hence it is an IBA on A1 and A3 criteria.

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