Atrush and Bania Area

Country/territory: Iraq

IBA Criteria met: A1 (2017)
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Area: 2,411 ha

Protection status:

Nature Iraq
Most recent IBA monitoring assessment
Year of assessment Threat score (pressure) Condition score (state) Action score (response)
2014 high not assessed negligible
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Site description
The Atrush Area is the central and southern part of the delineation and includes diverse habitats, including a gorge, open land covered by poplar trees, and surrounding foothill woodlands. Bania (Sub-site D3C) is a mountainous area that includes the wooded and rocky valley to the north of the Atrush area. Deze and Balete villages lie near the Bedol stream that flows roughly north-south through the site. Near the center of the delineation (Atrush), where a smaller stream enters from the west, there are some archeological remains in a cliff overlooking the stream.

Key biodiversity
Additional Important Bird Observations: During the survey period, a total of 53 species was seen. European Roller Coracias garrulus (Near Threatened) was breeding though at a level that did not meet IBA thresholds. In addition the site had breeding populations of three Mediterranean and two Irano-Turanian biome-restricted species but these did not trigger inclusion under criterion A3. Other Important Fauna: No mammal or reptile surveys were conducted but five important fish species were observed during the one fish survey that took place in 2008: Alburnus mossulensis, Leuciscus vorax, Luciobarbus xanthopterus, Carassius auratus, and Garra rufa. Additional Plant & Habitat Information: Scleria ciliata and Stachus kermanshahensis were recorded for the first time in Iraq at Atrush. This site contains a good population of Pistacia eurycarpa, an economically and culturally important plant; Hordeum bulbosum, which is important as a genetic resource, and Anchusa italica, which is important as a traditional food.

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