Year of compilation: 2004

Site description
The site consists of a ca. 100 km long and uniquely diverse section of Gauja river valley, including significant areas of natural flood-plain meadows of outstanding value. Covered by a complex systems of natural riverbed terrain rich in ox-bows. The site also includes a mosaic of farmland and forest. Deciduous forest dominates along the bottom and on the slopes of the valley whereas the upper parts include coniferous, mainly Scot's Pine, forests and the raised Puksu bog. Parts of the IBA have been listed in varying combinations since 1994 [4, 5, 1]. Fully protected: there is a 99.7% overlap with the newly designated Ziemelgauja protected landscape area, a candidate SPA.

Key biodiversity

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Ziemelgauja. Downloaded from on 10/08/2022.