Salda Lake This is an IBA in Danger! 

Site description (2000 baseline):

Site location and context
A slightly saline, stream- and spring-fed lake (max. depth 184 m) of tectonic origin surrounded by forested hills, rocky terrain and alluvial plains. There are several sandbanks and limited fringe vegetation. Hotels, restaurants and campsites are present on the southern and south-western shores.

Key biodiversity
The site is important for wintering wildfowl.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Inflow water is used to irrigate fields around the lake; a DSÝ scheme will see the construction of a small reservoir on one of the inflow streams, allowing for the irrigation of a further 182 ha via a 3 km long channel. No assessment of the possible impacts has been made. Some hotels discharge untreated sewage into the lake, and more tourist facilities are planned. The SÝT designation permits limited construction activity.

Protected areas
National High International None4,370 ha of IBA covered by SÝT (Salda Gölü, 4,370 ha).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Salda Lake. Downloaded from on 04/10/2023.