Kagoro - Nindam Forest Reserves and vicinity

Site description (2001 baseline):

Site location and context
The Kagoro–Nindam Forest Reserves comprise four Forest Reserves and areas of communal land near Kagoro in southern Kaduna State. The reserves are situated on the Kagoro Hills (a western extension of the Jos Plateau), which rise to over 1,300 m and dominate the landscape. The vegetation of the reserves is a mosaic of savanna and forest. The forests occur mainly in river and stream valleys, but also elsewhere away from the rivers, as a consequence of the relatively high average annual rainfall, about 1,550 mm. Areas of wooded savanna occur on ridge-tops or at previously forested parts that have been cleared for agriculture. The area is drained by numerous streams which empty into the Sanga river.

Key biodiversity
See Box and Table 3 for key species. The site is a breeding area for Vanellus superciliosus (nests recorded in 1987 and 1997) and is one of two localities from which Chrysococcyx flavigularis has been recorded in Nigeria.

Non-bird biodiversity: None known to BirdLife International.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Slash-and-burn agriculture, indiscriminate logging, poaching, livestock-grazing and forest-fires are all commonplace. Many of the remaining forest patches in the area are outside the legal boundaries of Forest Reserves, which is likely to hasten their disappearance.

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