Country/territory: Liberia

IBA criteria met: A1, A2, A3 (2001)
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Area: 15,000 ha

Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia

Site description (2001 baseline)
The site is located in central-eastern Liberia, north-west of the town of Zwedru. The Cavalla river, the international frontier with Côte d’Ivoire, forms the northern boundary to the site, which lies immediately west of the Cavally and Goin-Débé Forest Reserves IBA (CI008) in Côte d’Ivoire. The site includes the fragmented forest blocks that remain north of the road between the towns of Zwedru and Zlehtown and the Cavalla river, as far west as the point where its course turns northwards. The forests of this area, transitional between evergreen and semi-deciduous, are being destroyed by slash and burn agriculture. Further work is required to define site boundaries.

Key biodiversity
See Box and Tables 2 and 3 for key species. This site is the only one from which Phyllastrephus leucolepis is known.

Non-bird biodiversity: Mammals recorded from the nearby Grebo National Forest, some or all of which may be expected to occur or to have occurred, include Loxodonta africana (EN), Pan troglodytes (EN), Colobus polykomos (LR/nt), Piliocolobus badius (LR/nt), Cercopithecus diana (VU), Hexaprotodon liberiensis (VU), Syncerus caffer (LR/cd), Cephalophus zebra (VU), C. jentinki (VU), C. sylvicultor (LR/nt), Tragelaphus euryceros (LR/nt) and Liberiictis kuhni (EN).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2024) Important Bird Area factsheet: Zwedru. Downloaded from on 27/02/2024.