Pra-Sushien Forest Reserve

Year of compilation: 2001

Site description
The Pra-Sushien Forest Reserve forms an irregular-shaped block stretching from south-west to north-east, from the Pra river near Hemang village to the Cape-Coast–Praso road near Abrafo Odumase, and is separated from Kakum National Park (GH014) by a road. The terrain of the reserve is very undulating with hilly slopes and narrow valleys, making access difficult. The area is drained by tributaries of the Pra river. The vegetation is moist evergreen forest, and areas of primary and mature secondary forest well represented. Records, however, show continuous logging between 1975 and 1991. Southern parts of the reserve, heavily disturbed, but good forest persists in the areas near Kakum

Key biodiversity
See Box and Tables 2 and 3 for key species. This area yielded the highest species count of any site—120 species in 10 days. Species recorded include eight birds of prey and nine species of hornbill including the threatened Ceratogymna elata and C. cylindricus and the uncommon C. subcylindricus.

Non-bird biodiversity: Mammals reported to occur at the site include Procolobus verus (LR/nt), Cephalophus dorsalis (LR/nt) and Neotragus pygmaeus (LR/nt).

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Although the site was designated a Forest Reserve in 1928, large areas have been degraded as a result of logging and farming activities. The forest is classified as Condition 2, with a GHI ranging from 86 to 112.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Pra-Sushien Forest Reserve. Downloaded from on 08/02/2023.