South Sandwich Islands Marine North

Year of compilation: 2018

Site description
Key biodiversity
4 species trigger marine IBA criteria at this site: Chinstrap Penguin (LC), 41.67% of global population; Adélie Penguin (LC), 1.41% global pop; Macaroni Penguin (VU), 1.52% global pop; Southern Giant Petrel (LC), 3.35% global pop (best available data as of 2018).
The islands also hold important populations of Gentoo Penguin (LC), Cape Petrel (LC), Black-bellied Storm Petrel (LC), Southern Fulmar (LC), and Brown Skua (LC), which are likely to be using this site.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2021) Important Bird Areas factsheet: South Sandwich Islands Marine North. Downloaded from on 06/05/2021.