Rotes Moor

Year of compilation: 2000

Site description (baseline)
A typical high-montane landscape for the Rhön area consisting of raised and transitional bogs, birch Betula swamp-forest, wet meadows, wet Salix scrub, Alnus swamp-forest and grassland.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
There is a wetland restoration project.

Protected areas
National High International High315 ha of IBA covered by Landscape Protected Area (Hohe Rhön, 45,750 ha). 315 ha of IBA covered by Nature Reserve (Rotes Moor, 315 ha). 315 ha of IBA covered by Biosphere Reserve (Rhön, 130,488 ha). IBA overlaps with Special Protection Area.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Rotes Moor. Downloaded from on 09/06/2023.