Slovenský karst

Country/territory: Slovakia

IBA Criteria met: C6 (2004)
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Area: 40,616 ha

Slovak Ornithological Society / BirdLife Slovakia

Site summary
Slovenský kras is the largest karst area in Central Europe. Valleys and canyons separate the hills into karst plains with a wide variety of forest steppe ecosystems. Forests vary from eastern white oak woods to oak-hornbeam, beech, beech-fir, and rocky communities of maple, ash and pine. Wet meadows, fishponds and watercourses occur in the valleys. Deciduous forest habitats are interspersed with a mosaic of agri­cultural land and temporary forest. The area is used mainly for forestry and hunting, agricultural activi­ties include sheep and cattle grazing, hay making, and fruit and vine cultivation. A significant part of the area is under strict nature protection. However, there is also much tourism and recreational activity. The area is an important nesting site for many forest bird species, as well as those found in rocky habitats and in agricultural/grassland. The main threat to the area is intensive forestry. The site is proposed as an SPA.

Spoluautori: Milan Olekšák.

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