Ntokou Pikounda Reserve

Country/territory: Congo

IBA Criteria met: A3 (2007)
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Area: 300,000 ha

Protection status:

Site description
The Ntokou Pikounda reserve constitutes a forest area that encompasses dense and rain partially flooded forests, gallery forests and savanna. The site, located in the Likouala –Mossaka and the Lengoué basin, lies mainly in a permanent or temporally swamps (Moutsamboté and Nsongola, 2007). A mixed forest developed on terra firma occupies only 11% of the total area. The main forested area is located in the western side and is covered widely by a mosaic of forest and savanna intersected by gallery forest along the river course way. Gallery swamp forest is mainly located eastwards.

Key biodiversity
The bird check list provided is a list made during a ten days surveys carried out by Jerome Mokoko Ikonga in 2008 along the rivers Lengoué-Bokiba and Kandeko, department of the Sangha. A total count of more than 100 bird species was recorded. More interesting is the record of the species Podica senegalensis with the largest population in Central Africa.

Non-bird biodiversity: The site is believed to be hosting a very important fish resources.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2021) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Ntokou Pikounda Reserve. Downloaded from on 23/04/2021.