Gabo and Tullaberga Islands

Year of compilation: 2008

Site description
This IBA consists of two neighbouring islands off the coast of Croajingolong National Park near Mallacoota in eastern Bass Strait. Gabo Island is a small (154 ha) granitic island located 500 m offshore about 14 km east of Mallacoota. Tullaberga is a very small (4 ha) granitic island closer to Mallacoota. The islands have a temperate maritime climate. The centre of Gabo Island has high dune ridges covered by low forest; the periphery of the island has low scrub and grassland dominated by Kikuyu Grass. Gabo has long been grazed by beef cattle and is designated as a Heritage Property and Historic Place by its managers, Parks Victoria. Tullaberga is covered in grass, forbs and low scrub, rises to only 8.5 m, and is part of Croajingolong National Park.

Key biodiversity
Gabo Island also supports more than 6,000 breeding pairs of Short-tailed Shearwater (Fullagar & Heyligers 1996), a maximum of four nests per year of Sooty Oystercatcher and one to three breeding females per year of Swamp Harrier.

Non-bird biodiversity: Gabo Island represents the southern-most location for Rock Fern Asplenium prostratum.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Develop a management strategy for cattle on Gabo that maintains breeding habitat for Little Penguin. Eradicate rats. Establish regular visits to monitor birds, rodents and weeds on Tullaberga.

Conservation responses/actions for key biodiversity
Feral cats have been eradicated from Gabo Island (Twyford et al. 2000). Cattle are being removed from the island as part of management by Parks Victoria. Members of M.I. Partners make occasional visits to the island.

Protected areas
Small part of Croajingolong National Park.

Land ownership
Victorian State Government with management the responsibility of Parks Victoria.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2020) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Gabo and Tullaberga Islands. Downloaded from on 09/08/2020.