Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve

Year of compilation: 2000

Site description
A complex of raised bogs, marshes, forests, meadows and a large, shallow, overgrown, nutrient-rich lake.

Key biodiversity
An important wetland for a wide variety of breeding and migrating waterbirds (including good numbers of Anser fabalis and A. albifrons on passage). Acrocephalus paludicola has greatly decreased since 1980, when there were 25-30 pairs. This is the best breeding site for Porzana parva and P. porzana in Lithuania. Breeding species of global conservation concern that do not meet IBA criteria: Crex crex (3-5 calling males), Gallinago media. More than 10 pairs of Aythya nyroca bred in the 1970s but no recent data are available.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
The abundance of breeding ducks and waders has declined due to nutrient pollution of the wetland by human activities (`Other' threat).

Protected areas
National Partial International Partial5,442 ha of IBA covered by Strict Nature Reserve (Žuvintas, 5,442 ha). 5,442 ha of IBA covered by Ramsar Site (Žuvintas, 5,442 ha).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve. Downloaded from on 01/12/2022.