Soltandag - Gyzylburun

Site description (2007 baseline):

Site location and context
The IBA comprises the system of lakes Soltandag-Kyzylburun-Tajlak formed on the right bank of the middle course of the Amudarya river as a result of flooding of the collector-drainage waters to the solonchak depression, arriving from the Karshinsky agricultural area of Uzbekistan from the Mehedjan collector channel. The lakes are inter-connected by spillway adjustable channels. The IBA is located between the river Amudarya and the border with Uzbekistan. The northern and eastern shore of Soltandag-Kyzylburun-Tajlak lakes is steep bank, the southern and western sloping.

Key biodiversity
The avifauna of the IBA includes 300 species, of which more than 100 are waterfowl and waterbirds. The majority of them occur during spring-autumn migration and in winter.

Non-bird biodiversity: Fish: – about 40 species, amphibians – 2 species, reptiles – 30 species and mammals – about 42 species. Flora: – coastal hydrophilic vegetation: Tamarix, Karelinia caspia, Phragmites australis, Salsola.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Disturbance of birds, overfishing and illegal hunting. Climate change, severe weather and agricultural expansion and intensification.

Protected areas
Not protected.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2024) Important Bird Area factsheet: Soltandag - Gyzylburun. Downloaded from on 21/02/2024.