Maya - Lacandón

Country/territory: Guatemala

IBA criteria met: A1, A3, A4i (2007)
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Area: 2,095,087 ha

Site summary
Maya-Lacandon is an important site for species restricted to the Gulf Caribbean Slope, for waterbirds, and for species requiring large extensions of tropical broadleaf forest. The site covers 19% of Guatemala and is part of the largest Neotropical forest north of the Amazon. Although this IBA is almost entirely legally protected, it faces severe threats by habitat fragmentation, forest fires, illegal logging, and unsustainable use of forest resources.

Wildlife Conservation Society - Guatemala provided references and unpublished data, and hosted a workshop to identify IBAs in Peten in July 2006. Input of unpublished data and suggestions for the delimitation of the IBA were provided during this workshop by representatives of Consejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas (CONAP) - Peten, ProPeten, Wildlife Conservation Society - Guatemala, and Tikal National Park. This first assessment of IBAs in Guatemala was conducted by Sociedad Guatemalteca de Ornitología and BirdLife International in the Americas.

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