Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar (entre Santos e São Sebastião)

IBA Criteria

Year of most recent IBA criteria assessment: 2008

Populations of IBA trigger species
Species Current IUCN Red List Category Season Year(s) of estimate Population estimate IBA Criteria Triggered
Solitary Tinamou Tinamus solitarius NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Black-fronted Piping-guan Pipile jacutinga EN resident - present A1, A3
Spot-winged Wood-quail Odontophorus capueira LC resident - present A3
Purple-winged Ground-dove Paraclaravis geoffroyi CR resident - present A1, A3
Black Jacobin Florisuga fusca LC unknown - present A3
Saw-billed Hermit Ramphodon naevius NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Scale-throated Hermit Phaethornis eurynome LC resident - present A3
Brazilian Ruby Clytolaema rubricauda LC resident - present A3
Stephanoxis lalandi NR resident - present A3
Violet-capped Woodnymph Thalurania glaucopis LC resident - present A3
White-throated Hummingbird Leucochloris albicollis LC unknown - present A3
Slaty-breasted Wood-rail Aramides saracura LC resident - present A3
White-necked Hawk Buteogallus lacernulatus VU resident - 30 individuals A1, A3
Mantled Hawk Pseudastur polionotus NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Trogon surrucura NR resident - present A3
Red-breasted Toucan Ramphastos dicolorus LC breeding - present A3
Spot-billed Toucanet Selenidera maculirostris LC resident - present A3
Saffron Toucanet Pteroglossus bailloni NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Yellow-browed Woodpecker Piculus aurulentus NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
White-spotted Woodpecker Veniliornis spilogaster LC resident - present A3
Golden-tailed Parrotlet Touit surdus VU resident - 30 individuals A1, A3
Plain Parakeet Brotogeris tirica LC resident - present A3
Pileated Parrot Pionopsitta pileata LC unknown - present A3
Blue-bellied Parrot Triclaria malachitacea NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Maroon-bellied Parakeet Pyrrhura frontalis LC resident - present A3
Salvadori's Antwren Myrmotherula minor VU resident - 30 individuals A1, A3
Unicolored Antwren Myrmotherula unicolor NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Streak-capped Antwren Terenura maculata LC resident - present A3
Star-throated Antwren Rhopias gularis LC resident - present A3
Rufous-backed Antvireo Dysithamnus xanthopterus LC resident - present A2, A3
Spot-backed Antshrike Hypoedaleus guttatus LC resident - present A3
Tufted Antshrike Mackenziaena severa LC resident - present A3
Ferruginous Antbird Drymophila ferruginea LC resident - present A3
Ochre-rumped Antbird Drymophila ochropyga NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A2, A3
Dusky-tailed Antbird Drymophila malura LC resident - present A3
Squamate Antbird Myrmoderus squamosus LC resident - present A3
White-shouldered Fire-eye Pyriglena leucoptera LC resident - present A3
Black-cheeked Gnateater Conopophaga melanops LC resident - present A3
Conopophaga lineata NR resident - present A3
Speckle-breasted Antpitta Hylopezus nattereri LC resident - present A3
Spotted Bamboowren Psilorhamphus guttatus NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Slaty Bristlefront Merulaxis ater NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Mouse-colored Tapaculo Scytalopus speluncae LC resident - present A3
Cryptic Antthrush Chamaeza meruloides LC resident - present A3
Rufous-tailed Antthrush Chamaeza ruficauda LC resident - present A2, A3
Sclerurus scansor NR resident - present A3
Xiphorhynchus fuscus NR resident - present A3
Black-billed Scythebill Campylorhamphus falcularius LC resident - present A3
Scaled Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes squamatus LC resident - present A3
White-collared Foliage-gleaner Anabazenops fuscus LC resident - present A3
Cichlocolaptes leucophrus NR resident - present A3
Sharp-billed Treehunter Heliobletus contaminatus LC resident - present A3
Black-capped Foliage-gleaner Philydor atricapillus LC resident - present A3
White-browed Foliage-gleaner Anabacerthia amaurotis NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Automolus leucophthalmus NR resident - present A3
Orange-eyed Thornbird Phacellodomus erythrophthalmus LC resident - present A3
Pallid Spinetail Cranioleuca pallida LC resident - present A3
Rufous-capped Spinetail Synallaxis ruficapilla LC resident - present A3
Serra do Mar Tyrant-manakin Neopelma chrysolophum LC resident - present A2, A3
Pin-tailed Manakin Ilicura militaris LC resident - present A3
Blue Manakin Chiroxiphia caudata LC resident - present A3
Hooded Berryeater Carpornis cucullata NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Bare-throated Bellbird Procnias nudicollis VU unknown - 30 individuals A1, A3
Atlantic Royal Flycatcher Onychorhynchus swainsoni VU resident - 30 individuals A1, A3
Greenish Schiffornis Schiffornis virescens LC resident - present A3
Sao Paulo Tyrannulet Phylloscartes paulista NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Oustalet's Tyrannulet Phylloscartes oustaleti NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Serra do Mar Tyrannulet Phylloscartes difficilis NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A2, A3
Grey-hooded Flycatcher Mionectes rufiventris LC resident - present A3
Eared Pygmy-tyrant Myiornis auricularis LC resident - present A3
Drab-breasted Bamboo-tyrant Hemitriccus diops LC resident - present A3
Eye-ringed Tody-tyrant Hemitriccus orbitatus NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Hangnest Tody-tyrant Hemitriccus nidipendulus LC resident - present A3
Yellow-lored Tody-flycatcher Todirostrum poliocephalum LC resident - present A3
Grey-capped Tyrannulet Phyllomyias griseocapilla NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A2, A3
Grey-hooded Attila Attila rufus LC resident - present A3
Shear-tailed Grey Tyrant Muscipipra vetula LC unknown - present A3
Velvety Black-tyrant Knipolegus nigerrimus LC resident - present A3
Rufous-crowned Greenlet Hylophilus poicilotis LC resident - present A3
Green-throated Euphonia Euphonia chalybea NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Chestnut-bellied Euphonia Euphonia pectoralis LC resident - present A3
Half-collared Sparrow Arremon semitorquatus LC resident - present A3
Olive-green Tanager Orthogonys chloricterus LC resident - present A2, A3
Black-throated Grosbeak Saltator fuliginosus LC resident - present A3
Ruby-crowned Tanager Tachyphonus coronatus LC resident - present A3
Brazilian Tanager Ramphocelus bresilius LC resident - present A3
Azure-shouldered Tanager Tangara cyanoptera NT resident - 90 individuals A1, A3
Golden-chevroned Tanager Tangara ornata LC resident - present A3
Green-headed Tanager Tangara seledon LC resident - present A3
Red-necked Tanager Tangara cyanocephala LC resident - present A3
Brassy-breasted Tanager Tangara desmaresti LC resident - present A2, A3

Note: This table presents the IBA criteria triggered and the species that triggered then at the time of assessment, the current IUCN Red List category may vary from that which was in place at that time.

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IBA Protection

Protection status:

Protected Area Designation Area (ha) Relationship with IBA Overlap with IBA (ha)
Serra do Mar Park 322,296 protected area contains site 110,000

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