Blue Mountains

IBA Criteria

Year of most recent IBA criteria assessment: 2010

Populations of IBA trigger species
Species Current IUCN Red List Category Season Year(s) of estimate Population estimate IBA Criteria Triggered
Ring-tailed Pigeon Patagioenas caribaea VU resident 2006 300-700 individuals A1, A2
Crested Quail-dove Geotrygon versicolor NT resident 2000-2002 2-3 individuals A1, A2
Jamaican Mango Anthracothorax mango LC resident 2007 unknown A2
Vervain Hummingbird Mellisuga minima LC resident 2000-2002 12-14 individuals A2
Red-billed Streamertail Trochilus polytmus LC resident 2000-2002 65-81 individuals A2
Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo Coccyzus pluvialis LC resident 2000-2002 1-2 individuals A2
Jamaican Lizard-cuckoo Coccyzus vetula LC resident 2006 unknown A2
Black-capped Petrel Pterodroma hasitata EN unknown 2009 50-249 individuals A1, A4ii
Jamaican Tody Todus todus LC resident 2000-2002 10-13 individuals A2
Jamaican Woodpecker Melanerpes radiolatus LC resident 2000-2002 15-16 individuals A2
Yellow-billed Amazon Amazona collaria VU resident 2007 unknown A1, A2
Jamaican Becard Pachyramphus niger LC resident 2000-2002 5 individuals A2
Large Jamaican Elaenia Elaenia fallax LC resident 2000-2002 10 individuals A2
Small Jamaican Elaenia Myiopagis cotta LC resident 2000-2002 1-3 individuals A2
Jamaican Pewee Contopus pallidus LC resident 2007 unknown A2
Sad Flycatcher Myiarchus barbirostris LC resident 2000-2002 1-3 individuals A2
Rufous-tailed Flycatcher Myiarchus validus LC resident 2000-2002 1-3 individuals A2
Blue Mountain Vireo Vireo osburni NT resident 2000-2002 3-4 individuals A1, A2
Jamaican Vireo Vireo modestus LC resident 2000-2002 15-27 individuals A2
Golden Swallow Tachycineta euchrysea VU resident 2007 unknown A1, A2
Rufous-throated Solitaire Myadestes genibarbis LC resident 2000-2002 38-50 individuals A2
Bicknell's Thrush Catharus bicknelli VU winter 2007 90 individuals A1
White-eyed Thrush Turdus jamaicensis LC resident 2000-2002 26-28 individuals A2
White-chinned Thrush Turdus aurantius LC resident 2000-2002 30-31 individuals A2
Jamaican Euphonia Euphonia jamaica LC resident 2000-2002 11-12 individuals A2
Jamaican Oriole Icterus leucopteryx LC resident 2000-2002 12-17 individuals A2
Jamaican Blackbird Nesopsar nigerrimus EN resident 2000-2002 7 individuals A1, A2
Arrowhead Warbler Setophaga pharetra LC resident 2000-2002 6 individuals A2
Jamaican Spindalis Spindalis nigricephala LC resident 2007 22-24 individuals A2
Orangequit Euneornis campestris LC resident 2000-2002 28-48 individuals A2
Yellow-shouldered Grassquit Loxipasser anoxanthus LC resident 2000-2002 4 individuals A2

Note: This table presents the IBA criteria triggered and the species that triggered then at the time of assessment, the current IUCN Red List category may vary from that which was in place at that time.

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IBA Protection

Protected Area Designation Area (ha) Relationship with IBA Overlap with IBA (ha)
Wallenford & Cedar Valley Forest Reserve 148 protected area overlaps with site 0
Spring Pen Forest Reserve 181 protected area overlaps with site 0
Spring Estate Forest Reserve 76 protected area overlaps with site 0
Blue Mountains Other Area 0 protected area contains site 0
Blue Mountain Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 45,563 protected area overlaps with site 41,940
Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park 122,377 protected area overlaps with site 0
Blue and John Crow Mountains World Heritage Site (natural or mixed) 26,252 protected area overlaps with site 0


IUCN Habitat Habitat detail Extent (% of site)
Forest Montane broadleaf evergreen, Second-growth & disturbed -
Introduced vegetation -
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Land use

Land-use Extent (% of site)
forestry -
water management -
tourism/recreation -
nature conservation and research -
agriculture -
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