Ranni Reserve Forest

Country/territory: India

IBA Criteria met: A1, A2, A3 (2004)
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Area: 87,738 ha

Protection status:

Bombay Natural History Society
Most recent IBA monitoring assessment
Year of assessment Threat score (pressure) Condition score (state) Action score (response)
2003 low not assessed not assessed
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Site description
Ranni Reserve Forest covers the whole of Goodrical, Rajampara, Karikulam, Shethakkal, Shethakkal Extension and Valiacavu proposed reserve. The major reserves (namely Konni, Rajampara and Goodrical) lie in a compact block adjacent to each other. The whole area is very rugged. There are two main ridges running north-south and forming the eastern and western boundaries of the Goodrical Reserve. Ranni Reserve Forest (RF) is mostly covered by Southern Tropical Evergreen, Southern Moist Deciduous and Semi-evergreen forests. Evergreen forest is generally met with along the river banks and streams and in places below 1,000 m. Some evergreen forest is also found above 1,200 m in the mountain folds, especially in Goodrical and in the far eastern portions of Konni Reserve. Tropical Moist Deciduous forest exist in most parts of Konni below 800 m. Regular annual fires result in the spread of grass in the more open areas. The hilltops are covered with grasslands, especially in Murinjakaru, Nanattupara and Kattadikunnu areas. Extensive patches of natural grasslands are also found in Goodrical on the southern bank of Pamba river. The Working Plan document (Pillai, undated) mentions 165 species of plants, mainly of commercial importance.

Key biodiversity

AVIFAUNA: Although, no detailed study on the biodiversity has been done in Ranni RF, it is likely to have many Western Ghats endemics, such as Malabar Grey Hornbill Ocyceros griseus, Nilgiri Wood-Pigeon Columba elphinstonii, White-bellied Treepie Dendrocitta leucogastra and White-cheeked Barbet Megalaima viridis. As information on avifauna is not available, we are considering it as Data Deficient. It is selected as an IBA because this almost compact block of 87,738 ha has good natural forests and grasslands of the Western Ghats. It could have many threatened, restricted range and biome species.

OTHER KEY FAUNA: Data not available.

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BirdLife International (2020) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Ranni Reserve Forest. Downloaded from on 07/07/2020.