Cape Candelaria-Ortigueira estuary-Cape Estaca de Bares

Year of compilation: 2000

Site description
An estuary between Cape Ortegal and the Estaca de Bares. It includes marine areas, wide intertidal mudflats, a belt of halophytic vegetation, and some islets.

Key biodiversity
This is an important site for breeding seabirds and passage and wintering waders.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
The main threats are from intensive shellfish collecting, illegal hunting, the construction of windmills, building, and the cutting of marsh vegetation.

Protected areas
National Low International Partial1 ha of IBA covered by Natural Site of National Interest (Estaca de Bares, 1 ha). 2,920 ha of IBA covered by Ramsar Site (Rias de Ortigueira y Ladrido, 2,920 ha). 2,940 ha of IBA covered by Special Protection Area (Ría de Ortigueira y Ladrido, 2,940 ha).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2020) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Cape Candelaria-Ortigueira estuary-Cape Estaca de Bares. Downloaded from on 19/02/2020.