Komodo - Rinca

Year of compilation: 2003

Site description (baseline)
This area consist of three big islands; Rinca Island (198 km2), Komodo Island (330 km2) and Padar Island. Komodo National Park is declared as World Heritage by UNESCO on December 1991 (BKSDA VII 1997). Around 500 people live on Komodo Island, 600-800 people on Rinca Island, meanwhile Padar Island is unoccupied (Anon 1995b).

Key biodiversity
Population estimate for Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea in this area are 500 birds in Komodo Island and 100 birds in Rinca Island. This area is supporting the biggest population of sub-species parvula in Indonesia, and the second biggest after citrinocristata in Sumba Island.The survey by BirdLife Internatonal-Indonesia Programme found Flores Crow Corvus florensis in Rinca Island and Flores Green Pigeon Treron floris founded in Komodo Island (Agista & Rubyanto 2001).

Habitat and land use
Rinca Island and Padar covered by open savanna, dominated by lontar palm Borassus flabellifer.Tropical dry forest occurs along the hills and valley bottoms, characterized by tree species such as Sterculia foetida, Oroxylum indicum, Tamarindus indica, Zizyphus horsfeldi, Scheilchera oleosa and Cassia javanica (Monk

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
Illegal hunting, palm cutting, and catching fish using explosive material and expansion for housing (MacKinnon, Anon 1995b).

Protected areas
173300 ha of this area is declared as a National Park based on SK. Menteri Kehutanan No. 306/Kpts-II/95 on 29 June 1995 (Anon 1998).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Komodo - Rinca. Downloaded from on 28/05/2023.